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Building From Peace not Pressure


It's described as continuous force exerted on or against.

When growing in business or a business it’s easy to fall into pressure.

- Constantly thinking of work when you’re not working.
- Not having boundaries on work in your personal life.
- Justifying being stressed most days. - Dreading tasks or deadlines.
- Procrastinating and exhausting yourself.

But, Why?

I want to hit my goals, so bad.

It’s the only way. If I slow down fear and doubt knock on the door, “you’re not doing enough”, “you’re a fraud”.

I am very familiar with this pressure and fear-based mindset.

I also used to motivate myself this way.

It left me burnt out and not enjoying my life.

Imagine, waking up free from that pressure. You feel a healthy motivation that comes with ease.

Working becomes enjoyable again.

You are present with loved ones when you’re not working.

You don’t feel stressed about work.

You get more done because you...

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