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Welcome, friend! I'm Whitney Roehl (my inner circle calls me, "Whit") and I'm a recovering Striver. What is a striver?


For me, it was constantly aiming for perfection as a wife, mom, entrepreneur, church leader, and in self-growth. But nothing was ever "good enough"I constantly needed to do more, to have more, so I could feel deserving of love.


It was exhausting! Most of all it stole my joy and peace from all Gods blessings in my life. Until Jesus crashed in with His personable love. These are stories and lessons along the journey.

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 Striving For Love, Now Resting From Love

I have great news for you, friend.

 Jesus graciously met me in my fear-based, compulsive, self-dependent striving. He untangled me from the worldly-paradigm of "not enough's" to set me free. Each day, I'm reminding myself of that freedom. He can do the same for you.

I'm honored you've chosen to read my confessions. Enjoy and reach out if you feel inspired.

xoxo, Whit

Allowing Disappointment Oct 21, 2020


BIG BELIEF is just so scary because it creates opportunity for BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!  I suppose you could just believe small, achieve small, love small, and live small, but if you're reading this - those kinds of solutions are not an option for you!

The best solution is to build...

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How to Overcome "Impossible" Aug 12, 2020


As Whit and I get back to life after taking 12 teenagers on a 7-day wilderness adventure, we reflect on some of the insights that came up while the kids were staring at challenges with NO BELIEF that success was possible.  Then what they learned as they leaned into the impossible...

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