Confessions of a Recovering Striver


Welcome friend! My name is Whitney Roehl (friends call me, "Whit") and I'm a recovering Striver. 

What is a striver?

Someone who practices trying hard, to achieve something, from self-determination. For me, it was constantly striving, for years, as a wife, mom, entrepreneur, leader, and self-development... but nothing was ever "good enough"I constantly needed to do more, have more, so I could BE more, AKA to feel worthy and deserving of love.

It was exhausting, stealing my joy and peace, no matter what I achieved.

Until Jesus crashed in with His personable grace, revelation, and love. From that restoration, the idea of this blog was birthed -
Confessions of a Recovering Striver

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From Striving For Love to Resting From Love


 If you can relate to any part of that, then I welcome you with a BIG hug and have great news for you, friend.

 Jesus graciously met me in my fear-based, compulsive, self-dependent striving. He untangled me from that worldly-paradigm to set me free, and He can do the same for you... if you choose.

I can honestly say, the result of His gracious work with my willingness has resulted in less busyness, resting in His love, and living more FROM His abundance.
It's literally been life-changing!

Now, I'm passionate about imparting the same freedom and love I've received - which is what inspired this blog.

These posts will include paradigm-shifting revelations from His Word, personal testimonies from my nomadic-family-life, and God-inspired encouragements.

I'm genuinely honored you've chosen to read my confessions. I pray my blog imprints your heart, as God invites you deeper with Him, just like He did for me.



P.S. You'll find older blog posts here too. Those have lots of value too, if you choose to explore, you're welcome to.

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