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Feeling Offended, This Could Be Why

forgivness gratitude peace Sep 18, 2020

Lately, I've been doing some deep forgiveness work on my dad. If you don't know my story, in a nutshell, my dad was a Ranger in Vietnam. He struggled with severe PTSD and alcoholism. He's a good man, but tormented by post-war illnesses. 

I forgave him years ago, for all the trauma I experienced.  So, I assumed this work was complete. In many ways, it had improved tremendously.

Recently, I noticed, in my self-coaching and time with the Lord, I was still getting offended easily by others. Which caused me to put internal walls up and harden my heart for hours, sometimes even an entire day. 

"What's going on- I know better than to STAY angry or NOT forgive, quickly."

Thankfully, I'd finished an amazing book called, Experiencing the Father's Embrace by Jack Frost. I recommend you read this book, if you haven't.

The author addresses this exact problem- being offended easily and the need to control others which leads to unforgivness, anger, resentment, or bitterness....

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