My 21 Days of Fasting & Greater Hope

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As, I was assessing my level of hope for 2024, to check on where I was either partnering with God or empowering a lie, I discovered a pattern of lower levels of hope. Just to be sure I was assessing correctly, I reminded myself what God-inspired hope meant. 

First, hope is not wishful thinking.

Hope is a feeling of positive expectation for great outcomes in the future. It's a belief that the future will be better than the present moment. 

Wow, pause right there. Let that definition wash over you. Consider high hope for your finances, marriage, family, etc. It's like a breath of fresh air. 

I, actually, like this definition the best, "hope is the joy-filled expectation that good is coming, it's having an overall optimistic attitude based on the promises and goodness of God". I received that definition from a mentor, Steve Backlund. He's the Co-founder of Igniting Hope Ministries. After reading this, I recommend you check him out, (

To be honest, there were a handful of areas where my level of hope, having joy-filled expectations were, 4 out of 10, low. I was surprised to see some of the most important areas of my life had been put on the back burner again - operating out of survival mode. I don't say that in a self-condemning way, but more of a "bummer" way.

I encourage you to examine hope in the main areas of your life (marriage, spiritual, health, family, purpose, desires, finances, fulfillment, relationships).

How would you rate your level of hope, on a scale of 1-10 (10 being miracles will happen, 1 being my belief for it as good as dead)?


>>> The great news is that when you notice your hope level is low, you can invite God to help you turn your hopelessness into overflowing joy-filled expectations. 

Romans 15:13 (TPT), one of my favorite verses, "Now, may God, the fountain of hope, fill you to overflowing with uncontainable joy and perfect peace as you trust in Him. And may the power of the Holy Spirit continually surround your life with His super-abundance until you radiate with hope."

With hope laying the foundation of this blog, I want to also share a specific topic God put on my heart, that has been stirring up my heart more for Him. It's created space to seek Jesus' face, in the midst of hopelessness, uncertainty and confusion. I believe it will inspire exactly what you need too. 


>>> The picture I used for this blog is of me and my two younger, beautiful, and sweet cousins. Our bond has gone through many stages of life, and all though we don't talk every day or even every month, when we get together our love for each other is unconditional. 

Last week, I woke up to a text, from my cousin on the right, sharing the 21-day spiritual fast she was doing.

Ironically, a few weeks prior, God had put on my heart to do a 7 day spiritual fast in January too. 

That morning, I considered the different challenges of doing the full 21 days. I looked at my calendar to check events scheduled for the rest of the month. Our schedule was pretty clear til February. Then, took into account what it'd look like fasting from the road, knowing we stop often for snacks to break up the driving.  

On the other hand, I felt a lot of excitement as I considered all what God was inviting me into. Spiritual fasts, in the past, always included incredible testimonies, breakthrough, revelation, and greater closeness to God. I couldn't help but consider the possibilities of doing 21 days and at the beginning of a New Year!

"I'm in!" I decided. 

Now, to specify, I'm only fasting for 21 hours, each day, for 21 days. I eat regular food, in a set window, that still requires me to deny my hunger pains and random cravings that would normally get fed. 

Today, I'm on day 6 and it's already been spiritually and relationally nourishing. Ha ha, it's also been challenging when my hunger pains get loud, dry mouth, and bad breath ramp up (yuck). If you've ever done a fast before, then you're aware of your body detoxing naturally that leaves some undesirable tastes.

When I do spiritual fasts, I ask God to put things from His heart, on my heart, so I can partner with Him and pray about.

The list of things I felt God put on my heart were exciting, powerful, and most of them - would require miracles to take place. Fasting from food, allows me to take the time, I'd normally be eating,  to use for prayer, pray in tongues, worship, or read His word.

And the hunger pains, denying my flesh, reminds me of my constant need for God and reminds me to connect with Him through out my day. 

Those practices are how I want to live my life but most of the time are challenging to remember to do because of the different distractions and, honestly, many blessings I have. 

Not to mention, Jesus fasted and I want to replicate what He did. 

For the last six days, I've witnessed my hope levels rising. I have already had incredible encounters with God that are so personable, like being stuck at a beautiful beach for hours just to be with Him and later make it on time for dinner with a friend I hadn't seen for years, before she left for her mission trip to Brazil. Incredible! 

I've also had irritable, very human, imperfect and hard moments during this fast. That reminds me how self-seeking I am apart from God. It's humbling. 

Most of all, I'm incredibly grateful, how God invites us into living more from His powerful perspective. Which is only full of hope, life, and victory!

I have great expectations for my levels of hope rising high for myself, loved ones, and communities. I declare 2024 is going to be the best year yet for breakthrough, miracles, and prosperity!


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