My Revelations: Unleash Your Potential with God in 2024

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Jake and I were driving when he said, “why don’t you take the truck-camper to go camping for a few days by yourself. I think it’d be really good to have the time with God and yourself. You only lose both of your parents once.”


When he said that my heart leaped, feeling a deep longing to get lost in time with the Lord and solitude. Quickly after the joy, guilt knocked on the door, “you can’t leave him alone with Maverick." 


Thankfully, I’ve had plenty of practice saying no to the temptation of feeling guilt.

I took Jake up on his offer with tons of gratitude for his encouragement and support. He's pretty amazing!


As it got closer to leaving though, fear swelled up of doing this truck-camper life on my own with all the things that could go wrong.

Gosh, isn’t that the truth. Every time we’re about to do something incredible the voice of fear likes to shout with chatter.


What have you done recently where fear showed up right before you took that next step?

It’s good to notice, in hindsight, to familiarize your brain with the pattern of fear, so you don’t fall in the trap of letting it limit what God has in store. 


So, I was going to finish my blog today on “unleashing your potential with God” but, in Santa Barbara on my solo trip, my perspective is quite a bit different. So I'm sharing some personal powerful and fresh revelations. 


These three things below are the pattern I did repeatedly through the mountain tops and valleys. It kept me living steadfast and experiencing miracles all along the way. 

  • Seek God’s face first, so you can respond with “I trust You Jesus”.
  • Surrender your will to God, so you can rely on His provision.
  • Give thanks in everything, so you can connect to Him as your Source.


In hindsight, losing both of my parents in 2023, at loss thinking I had more time with them, I see God’s hand preparing the way. As a result, it amazed me to see that I had some deep valleys and yet it was the best year I’ve lived. 

How is that possible?


Only WITH God it’s possible. 

As I look into my future, I feel a strong peace. Wow, I wouldn’t have imagined that’d be possible so close with two hard events.


In this dynamic, I’ve learned more about how to unleash my potential to create more freedom and abundance. It starts by doing it all WITH God. 

Unleashing my potential, being in these hard moments equipped with resilience, peace, and health, was a goal I’d set out to do by myself on my own for most of my life. Thinking, it was my responsibility to muster up and make happen. Now, more than ever, I know that's a total myth and relief. It's God, not me.  


For me, it started with stepping back in alignment with God being at the center of everything. 

I repented FROM relying on myself and chasing the lusts of this world (success, money, opportunities, people’s approval, etc) and repented TO God being Lord of every area.


If you haven’t done that and feel encouraged to, then I recommend this simple prayer. 

“Heavenly Father, 

Forgive me for chasing money, materialism, people’s approval, success, self-reliance, or anything else I’ve made an idol of. I receive the Blood of Jesus for forgiveness of my sins. I put You God as my Lord in business, family, finances, parenting, etc. You are my Provider, Protector, and Peace. Help me Holy Spirit, each day, to learn how to live this way of living out. I want to die to myself, like Jesus commanded, and follow You. That’s what I was made for - to worship and glorify You. I trust that’s where I’ll be most fulfilled because You are faithful. In Jesus Name Amen.”


Each situation, big opportunities or disappointments, I go to God with them in conversation and seek wisdom from His word. This guarded my heart from relying on my own opinions and posturing it to doing His will, not mine. I don’t aim to do this perfectly because it’s a relationship built on His grace and love with my being honest and receiving from Him. 


And finally, I make it a habit to thank God for the not enoughs, obstacles, disappointments, and blessings. 

Thanksgiving agrees with Heaven by acknowledging that our life and every good thing we have is a gift from God He has given out of abundance and love. Until we properly acknowledge this, we won't be able to use the good and bad for His purposes or fully experience its benefits. 


I make it a daily practice to notice Gods beauty, favor, provision, and blessings. I don’t do it perfectly and I can sink into attitudes of overwhelm or selfishness but the more I practice acknowledging His blessings, the more I live free of these toxic ways of thinking. 


Today, after writing to you, I’ll walk out of our Truck Camper, down to the beach with a book, journal, and towel to enjoy His goodness. It’s incredible!

God has amazing gifts and limitless potential for you too that's mind-blowing. In order to receive both requires us to be in a humble posture to receive them and seek Him, as a way of life. 

Thankfully, His grace is deep and wide enough for us to learn by doing it, day by day. 


Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the abundance I have access to through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. Make Your love, grace, and abundance more real to me every day. Help me to silence the noise and distractions that would cause me to miss Your gifts, so that I can step into the fullness You created me for. In Jesus Name, Amen. 

Love, Whit

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