Whit's Blog #1: New Beginnings

Oct 28, 2023

There’s a tension to new beginnings.

At first there’s an excitement and fun anticipation. Like, Christmas morning, everyone likes to receive new things. But when we talk about new seasons, new chapters, or new beginnings it changes. That's when fear can creep in and suddenly the newness isn't as exciting. Ugh, more of the… unknown.

This a revelation I received from passing an old 1900s building, tucked away in the woods, we hiked by, with a metal sign that read, “New Beginnings”. There was nothing new about that old building… or was there?

To back up a bit, we’ve been on our third stretch, living this nomadic lifestyle from our Truck Camper. This time we’ve been on the road for five consecutive weeks. That's our longest stretch so far.

We drove to Arkansas, Illinois, to Nebraska, Kentucky, Tennessee, North and West Virginia, to the Carolinas and now in Alabama.

We’ve seen so many beautiful places this fall it's more than my brain can comprehend. It’s been fun but also extremely challenging at times.

Although, as I write you, I’m in one of our sweetest places, yet. We're at a state park in the Alabama foothills where we spent our first night ever glamping. It's a cozy, beautiful big tent, with a fireplace and lights. I could stay here for days - the ambiance is very charming. The bed I’m typing in, is soft and hugs you as you sit. I have some of the sweetest memories imprinted on my heart and nervous system from last night. Im incredibly grateful because I’ll be able to visit them often.

Jake and maverick are out doing a morning hike, so I could rest, and get some alone time with Jesus. That’s when I felt inspired to write you.

Ok, so back to this old building. Last night, while we were hiking to a beautiful overlook of miles and miles and miles of fall trees with rolling hills, I noticed a sign on an old building called “New Beginnings”.

The sign struck a heart cord, resonating with me, but I was unsure why until I continued to ponder on it. New beginnings can come from old things. Like a birthday, a new year, a revelation from God. It's the same old life with a new beginning, gift or perspective. 

It reminded when Jesus said "I'll make all things new". He didn't say, "I'll make all new things". Those are two very different things. 

That’s when it hit me- "wow, I God has gifted me with new beginnings, specifically in this season of living from the road."

Here are three gifts of New Beginnings that don’t look at all like I would have expected them to look.

One, that Jesus has literally restored me with His wholesome, healing, Shalom. Im no longer chasing the insatiable desires of my self- success, opinions of others, status, etc. Im not the same person I was being driven by these old desires.

Proverbs 27:20 says “the eyes of man are never satisfied” that is how I lived all of my life until the sweet revelation sunk in- it’s completely unsatisfying and torturous. I’ve handed that way of life over to Jesus and He gave me His Shalom to replace it. I traded an old pattern for new beginnings.

Two, during this time of traveling with Jake and Maverick I am restoring childhood memories that left me hurt and now replacing them with laughter, love, and security. It’s been beautiful to be child-like, playful and adventurous as a family, something I’ve never experienced. God has given me something I didn’t know my soul craved. I traded old memories for new beginnings.

Three, complete dependency on God. I’ve lived consistently relying on myself- work harder, be kinder, do more. It burned me out and left me insecure. Now I know without Jesus I can not do one good thing. This nomadic life requires a lot of trust, every single day, as we drive on Interstates, visit strange places and go all over. It’s a training thats renewed where I put trust for resources and abilities.
I traded an old sense of security for new beginnings.

John 14:13
“And whatever you ask in My name I will do”

New beginnings requires you to see from your heart with faith. What looks like a stagnant marriage, lost childhood, or old patterns can all be invitations to new beginnings.

Just like an old building can be an invitation to seeing new things.

What about you?

What old things- patterns, circumstances, relationships, or past experiences might be an invitation from God to trade for new beginnings?

Take a few minutes to ask God, reflect or journal what comes to mind.

Father God,

Thank you that You are the Creator of all things, especially new beginnings. Open the eyes of our hearts to see old things in new ways. Soften our hearts, so we don’t walk past the invitations you are giving us. And in Areas we need new beginnings, we ask You make a way. Thank you. In Jesus Name, amen.

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