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Ask Steadfast - How to forgive when it's hard and stay process focused when results ARE measured

Uncategorized Feb 03, 2021


How do I forgive someone who has actually wronged me without letting them walk all over me?

My kid plays sports and I want them to be process focused, but they are ACTUALLY judged based on their results by coaches, teammates, and even the community. How do I do that?

Would you like to have Whit and Jake by your side as you build the consistency required to live as big as you secretly want to?

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Ask Steadfast - Judgements of Others and Feeling Annoyed

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2021

Whit and Jake are Christian Life Coaches and owners at Steadfast Life Coaching.  

In this video series they answer YOUR questions for your entertainment as well as your growth.  


My mom is rude and judgmental.  Do you have any suggestions besides avoiding her?   Do you ever annoy each other?  What do you do about it?  

Would you like to have Whit and Jake by your side as you build the consistency required to live as big as you secretly want to?  

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Ask Steadfast - Annoying People and Self Worth meets Strength in Christ

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2021


Whit and Jake are Life Coaches and owners at Steadfast Life Coaching.  

In this video series they answer YOUR questions for your entertainment as well as your growth.  

EPISODE QUESTIONS:  How do you two work together day after day, then continue to hang out after work without getting sick of each other?  Is it possible to step into your personal growth success AND believe that it is God's strength that makes your success possible?  

Would you like to have Whit and Jake by your side as you build the consistency required to live as big as you secretly want to?  Start here:

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Stop the Pain and Start the Healing

Since, my sophomore year in high school I felt an inner pain that I wanted to escape. The pain stemmed from unresolved childhood issues, having an alcoholic father. I didn’t know what to do with it, all I knew is that it felt suffocating at times.


On top of that, I felt an external pressure. I was in Varsity sports, Student council, and voted Homecoming queen. Event though, no one vocalized pressure on me, I felt it. I didn’t want to let people down and got most of my confidence from other’s validation.


I couldn’t keep it up. The internal pain and external pressure became too much to handle.

By the end of my Junior year in high school I was using drugs, sex and alcohol to numb and escape. It’s all I knew. These outlets gave me relief but temporary. For the moment, I felt more free and numb. I chased these momentary highs, constantly needing more just to feel normal. This way of coping became my life.


Until I’d hit rock bottom...

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I got in a fight with Whit

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2020


Sometimes Whitney and I fight!!  We have built a business on a foundation of us being connected and in love - we did that on purpose!!  We WANTED the inspiration to FIND SOLUTIONS instead of numb, pout, and hide.  Well worked.

I had a BIG BREAKTHROUGH a few nights back and I wanted to share it.  If you've ever felt angry with someone and simultaneously wished you weren't feeling angry, don't miss this.

There's no "step 1 step 2 and step 3" in this one - it's raw and it's real ...but everything you need is in there.

If this stirs up anything for you and you want to talk it through - we're here for you.  Pick your date and time and get a BREAKTHROUGH

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Taking Risks in Real Life

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2020

 I was an EXPERT high school math teacher - On the first day of school you could hear me welcoming my new students with, "Welcome to your FAVORITE class this year."  I was confident ...and I could deliver.

Then one fine day I left that world and set out to build a business - BOOM!!!  Talk about a blow to the ego.  My swagger suddenly looked more like a limp.

In this podcast Whitney walks me through the transition - the obstacles I didn't see coming, the social awkwardness of failing at my day job, the fear that I was being an irresponsible dad, and the amazing reward for staying committed.

I have now had the experience of making my annual take-home salary in 20 days!!!

Want to know more?  Check us out:

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Allowing Disappointment


BIG BELIEF is just so scary because it creates opportunity for BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!  I suppose you could just believe small, achieve small, love small, and live small, but if you're reading this - those kinds of solutions are not an option for you!

The best solution is to build your CAPACITY to feel disappointment so that when it does show up, it doesn't have such a devastating impact.  

How do you do that?  You FEEL it!  You don't buffer it, you don't resist it, and you don't appease it.  You ALLOW it.

In this episode Whit discusses the BIG DISAPPOINTMENT she felt after choosing the BIG BELIEF that she was pregnant.  She holds nothing back as she walks you through the practical steps and the emotional experience of befriending her disappointment.

"As I continue to practice allowing ALL emotion, my life gets fuller, richer, and more authentic." - Whit

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Building From Peace not Pressure


It's described as continuous force exerted on or against.

When growing in business or a business it’s easy to fall into pressure.

- Constantly thinking of work when you’re not working.
- Not having boundaries on work in your personal life.
- Justifying being stressed most days. - Dreading tasks or deadlines.
- Procrastinating and exhausting yourself.

But, Why?

I want to hit my goals, so bad.

It’s the only way. If I slow down fear and doubt knock on the door, “you’re not doing enough”, “you’re a fraud”.

I am very familiar with this pressure and fear-based mindset.

I also used to motivate myself this way.

It left me burnt out and not enjoying my life.

Imagine, waking up free from that pressure. You feel a healthy motivation that comes with ease.

Working becomes enjoyable again.

You are present with loved ones when you’re not working.

You don’t feel stressed about work.

You get more done because you...

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Laughing Through the Heavy Stuff

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2020


The best word to describe the time we've spent with Lindsey is DELIGHTFUL.  As we worked with her and watched her grow through over 65lbs of weight loss, we would consistently find ourselves blown away by 2 things:

1. Lindsey's willingness to hold her story loosely.  She had her justifications, her excuses, and her well rehearsed stories of her limitations just like the rest of us.  The difference was that she wasn't so chained to them.  When she saw them, rather than fight to defend them ...she would laugh ...HARD!

2.  Lindsey's consistency in her weight loss - as a matter of fact she has had the most steady and uninterrupted weight loss of any client we've worked with.

Now she is NOT the most driven, striving, hustling, grinding client we've worked with ...hmmm, isn't that interesting.

Is there something to this "laughing and adapting" technique of hers??  We think it's worth exploring in a podcast for sure!!

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Your Worth is NOT a Number on a Scale

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2020


When Chelsie started her time with Steadfast Life Coaching, her biggest obstacle was that she didn't believe she was worth the tough choices required to reach her goals.  She was plagued by lies running on repeat in her mind that had been so well practiced they now felt like truth.

The journey away from one framework of belief to another can be extremely uncomfortable, so Chelsie started off by borrowing belief from Whitney and I ...and her supportive husband.  As she kept doing the work she built some belief in herself and the progress was even faster.

Recently she began to include her faith in Jesus as she sought this transformation ...and that adjustment has changed EVERYTHING!!!

If you feel trapped by the story in your mind ...or if you just thought, "Yeah, but mine's not a story, it's reality" - then Chelsie's story could be just what you need to put some cracks in that wall that is holding you back.

And when you're ready to bust those cracks open, that's our...

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