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Episode #26: An Example of Resilience. FitBar's Interview with Kathryn Sandford

 Have you ever wondered, "how come other people don't have to go through this?"  Like an event that shatters you or that you have a really tough time shaking off?  Do you have seasons where you feel stuck in a funk?

 You find yourself wondering, "what do I do now?"

We had the privelege of reading a series of blogs written by a very resilent woman. She shared her experience of overcoming the life event when her father passed away unexpectidly and the very next day her mom died too. Within two days both her parents were gone.

This resilient woman, Kathryn Sanford, is someone who can give you hope when you feel overwhelmed by difficulties or struggle. Her empathy for others who go through similar life events is astounding, and even more impressive is how well she explains how she was able to "just keep moving forward".

In this podcast, you get to hear Jake and Whitney ask powerful questions that help uncover the golden nuggets Kathryn was...

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My Experience with MCT Oil: Stunning Results

About 5 months ago, I read Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey. It really gave me a better understanding about the perks of training your body to become "fat-adapted". Since I'm not a nutritionist and don't like suggesting anything except for sharing my own personal experience, I won't go into much detail about the science I learned from reading the book. If you are curious, I suggest you purchase the book on Amazon to get a deeper understanding. It's worth the read.

The main reason I wanted to write about this concept of adding a healthy fat into your coffee to substitute for breakfast is that I've gained amazing results from using one of Dave Asprey recommendations, MCT Oil.

When I share with people that I add this to my coffee- most people haven't heard of it and ask- "what's that"? So I'll explain the very basics.

MCT oil is Medium-chain Triglyceride, which are triglycerides whose fatty acids have an aliphatic tail of 6–12 carbon atoms. The fatty acids found in MCTs are called...

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Episode #24 The Power of Taking a Break from Dating

Finding your "soul mate" or life-long, best friend, plus romantic partner seems to get harder and harder as the years pass. Even with technology and all the different dating apps, so many ways to meet people, it doesn't simplify the process.

Unfortunately, often times it does the exact opposite of being helpful. All of this can leave us feeling unfulfilled, really busy, and unsuccessful.

Is there anything we can do differently?

Whitney shares how she took a "time-out" from dating to make sure she was the kind of person that the guy she wanted to attract would be attracted to. Sound a little contrary to meeting the right person? She thought so too at first.

After taking this intentional break to refocus, define personal values, and work on personal goals she was able to quiet some external distractions to start making  major progress in becoming her BEST self.

Similarly, we've all seen sporting events where things just aren't clicking for one team and they call time-out.  ...

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Episode # 23 Ignite New Action by Challenging Old Beliefs

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2018

What is something you desire to DO or ACHIEVE, but never have been successful at it in the past?

Maybe it's starting a business, losing 30lbs, cutting back on drinking, or earning a spot on a college sports team.

If you've put in any sacrifice towards a goal and failed, you may have been tempted to believe, "I've done this twice before and failed miserably", or "every time I've tried this it hasn't worked for me, so I must not be capable".

There are several obstacles we face when challenging ourselves with ambitious goals.

Some of these obstacles, that commonly occur, may include:

  1.  The tendency to look to your past for evidence of whether you can or cant.
  2.  Basing your ability to succeed on whether others believe you can or can't.

So, how do we overcome those obstacles and get back up again after failing with the belief it's possible?

  1. Take one day at a time.
  2. Allow others to be wrong about you.
  3. Focus on your compelling reason why.

Tune in below to the FitBar Effect...

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Episode #22 How to Bounce Back when Life Knocks you Down

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2018

Have there ever been times, where you got punched in the gut by life? Maybe a family member got sick unexpectedly or you received bad news you didn't expect, that took some time to process it all. Or wondered, how you would get through it with your spirits lifted enough to continue. 

In this episode, Jake and Whitney discuss a tough season of Jake's life when he was faced with circumstances that knocked him off his feet. It was going through a divorce that challenged him and required time to process it all.

Life is unpredictable. It's how we decide to respond to these difficult situations that will either make us stronger or cause additional suffering.

It's our goal, to share this story so you can be encouraged, know you're not alone, and feel hopeful for the good the future has in store. As long as you are willing to obtain the right type of mindset, look past those circumstances, then you can always bounce back.

This podcast has a lot of "golden nuggets", ways you can learn...

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Episode # 21: Don't Let FEAR be a Factor for You

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2018

Social discomfort comes in many shapes and sizes, but can basically be boiled down to the fear of rejection.

In this video, Whitney and Jake dive into the idea that since fear is an emotion & emotions are ONLY caused by thoughts, we can choose thoughts that decrease the fear. Want to diminish the discomfort you feel in social situations? - this is the video for you. Also, be sure to check out their podcast where Jake and Whitney dive deeper so you can be an over-comer of it.

What type of thoughts did you come up? Which are fueling your fear? Hopefully, you decided to write them down so you can practice being more aware of them in the future.

Below is our podcast:

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why several social situations can be nerve-racking
  • That social situations don't cause our feeling of fear, our thoughts do
  • How to remove the power of rejection
  • Build more self-confidence quickly
  • Do more of what you love, find balance in your schedule and plan ahead.

What's your...

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Episode #20 Do you like what's growing in your life?

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2018

A friend of ours observed, "Whatever is growing in the environment of your life is the evidence of what that environment is best suited to grow." That's why sometimes when we try to change a habit without changing the way we live our life, it's like trying to plant a palm tree in Alaska's just not going to grow.

We change the environment of the Earth by contributing it and we change our social environment by contributing to the experience of its members.  In this podcast we offer 3 ways to contribute to your community and allow yourself to "grow something new".

Be sure to check out our podcast below to dive deeper into how to change your environment.

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Episode #19 Say NO to Fast Food Connection

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2018

 Check out our video on what "Fast Food Connection" looks like, so you can be sure you aren't indulging in it regularly.

Have you ever been so hungry that the quality of food doesn't matter, just how quickly you can get it?  Us too!!  It's very similar to those seasons of life where we crave connection so bad that we are willing to hang out with anyone we can find ...even if they are not so good for us.  In this episode we discuss strategies for getting back on track and building a community that FUELS YOUR FIRE!

Check out our podcast on how to make sure you connection is healthy and providing the nutrients you need to thrive!

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Episode #18 Don't Hate the Hungry: 3 Steps to end the cycle of loneliness

Uncategorized Feb 27, 2018

Every human being needs connection. We are designed to be social beings. Just like our body needs food. If we need both, why do we feel bad about needing connection but don't feel bad about needing food?

Check out our video, to see what loneliness can look like?

There are several ways we can experience more connection.

Listen to this awesome podcast on 3 steps to breaking the cycle of loneliness.

Feeling the need for connection is no more indicative of your value as a person then feeling a need for food, but for some reason we have a tendency to judge ourselves much more harshly for feeling lonely than we do for feeling hungry.  In this episode Jake and Whitney break down three steps to STOP the cycle of "shoulding" all over your desire to have more humans to talk to.  DOWNLOAD BONUS PDF

This podcast contains references to:

Baya Voce, John Cacioppo, and Margaret Manning

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...and click HERE to like Fit-Bar on ...

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Episode #17: Become a People Magnet

Everyone wants to be likeable! Most people are actually craving people's approval without even being aware of it. Although, we all have our own unique abilities and personalities, how do we become even MORE likeable?

 Check out our podcast, Whitney and Jake distill information down to 4 keys for increasing your likability. 

It is so jam packed with information, that we decided to include a PDF download so we could keep the podcast to 20min.


Please let us know what you found helpful about this video or podcast?

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